Hiya, Sice/Ammy here. *A wild Sice slides in hesitantly* I don’t think I’m that much special, but thanks for dropping by my page anyway…! ^_^’

I’m a game and graphics designer. I love coding and drawing, obviously. I also enjoy cooking new things and learning to prepare cocktails. On the weekends I like to go somewhere to dance. I (almost) don’t care what, I just like to completely lose myself into the music. I feel so peaceful after a few hours moving to the beat!

Uh so, what to talk about me… … … Look, I’m not that horrible at self-promoting (I mean, look at my job! I’m very good at it I dare say!) but uh, I don’t like doing it deep down …? I believe it’s because I’ve always been taught to be humble no matter how much I think I know, because there’s always someone better than me and always some room for improvement so… I should acknowledge that. Oh. English isn’t my main language by the way… Sorry if I make a silly typo! And I tend to ramble, you must have noticed it by now. *chuckle*

Other small things…? Well, among my favourite animals are cats, butterflies and crows, and I absolutely adore owls, macaws and hummingbirds. I enjoy spicy and sour foods, and I’ve a surprisingly low tolerance for sweets. Trust me, what is tasty for you is probably too sweet for me but, um, it’s good for my health so I guess I’m lucky in a way? Haha.

What can I say about this blog…? Um… This is a place for me to spread my love and find people with the same interests for a friendly chat! I talk about my ships, cool things I read/play and I share my favorite works. Also, fanarts! All the fanarts. Oh, and I take commissions I guess…? *Soft chuckle* It’s a way for me to spread the love and buy a few things to make my work even better, so it a nice trade for everyone.