1. I take comissions through Paypal only. It’s easier and safer for me and for you.

2. I’ll start working once I’ve received payment. No buts. Please send me a heads up with your Paypal account name when it’s done. I’ll check and get to it…! ‘v’

3. I have the right to refuse a request for a commission that I find inappropriate. I will be polite about it though, so why not ask? To list a few possibilites:

  • It might be too complex for the amount of time I currently have to finish it
  • Too gory. (Emphasys on -too-. I don’t mind drawing blood and such at all, but too much is too much).
  • What was asked of me has nothing to do with my art style. If you like someone’s else way of drawing ask them, not me, alright? Simply makes sense. ‘w’
  • It has something I find myself uncomfortable drawing (Goes against my morals or… Something. I’ll respect your opinion or tastes, but I won’t do it alright?). Please refrain from insisting if I say no.
  • I respect the consistency and personality of my art, so I kindly ask you to please allow me to keep doing it in the way I love: No stress and a steady pace.

4. I’ll have 5 slots open at a time and once they are taken, they are taken. First come, first served. I’ll then review everyone’s requests and, as long as I have no reason to turn someone down, (anything can happen after all) it’ll take awhile for them to open again. Better luck next time I’m afraid…! ^^’

5. I’m okay with drawing OCs and main characters from the fandoms listed as tags. I’ll keep it updated!

6. Under special circumstances I maaay consider doing special artworks for a few people even though my commissions aren’t open. Those are usually more complex (and pricier) and take a lot of work to finish. Normally I won’t do special artworks for first time clients, no offense intended. It’s really not about money for me, and more about the passion and respect put into the artwork. I’m sure all the writers and artists here will understand what I mean. Please don’t be mad if I turn you down, I may simply think I won’t be able to make it into something satisfying for both of us and trying to be respectful of your time and consideration of asking me.


All drawings will be posted here to the public with smaller resolution. Usually a third of the original one.

  • SKETCH : Detailed sketch, no cleaning; $10 to $60 (depends on the content)
  • INK : Clean lineart; $15 head shot, $25 torso, $35 full body.
  • CEL-SHADE : Colored drawing with light colored lineart;  $25 head shot, $45 torso, $55 full body.
  • HI-CONTRAST FLAT : Flat painting with highly contrasting colors and dark shadow areas;  $35 head shot, $55 torso, $65 full body.
  • DIGI-PAINT : Digital painting with attention to textures and light;  $45 head shot, $65 torso, $75 full body. (stand up)
  • DIGI-PAINT with BG:  $85 Simple BG, $120 Mid , $200 or more – Complex.
  • NSFW: All NSFW has a $5~$20 addition to it, since it requires some preparation so I can draw peacefully. ‘w’ No visitors…!
  • ADDITIONAL CHARACTER(s) : Add 40% of the original value for each.