I began an UT AU. Ideas everywhere.

Don’t ask. This just came to me like a mental hurricane and I literally sat down in the same minute to write all of my thoughts. They are still whooshing furiously inside of my head at this very minute and won’t calm down unless I write them all down. Oh sheesh. I’ve pages of paper scattered everywhere. Seriously, hurricane is not a bad name for it.

To keep things organized between my blog and my AO3 profile (I’ll probably write polished ideas there later on) I’ve made a Tumblr. I’ll be only posting things related to this AU there so, feel free to follow it if you want. Spam free! *thumbs up*

On another news, go watch Doctor Strange. He’s very… Um, determined. *Laughs* If nothing else, watch it for the “Underplayers will Understand”. No, really. You’ll know when you see it. I won’t say a thing. Frisk and Strange met in my head and hi-fived, period.


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