Phylosophy in a jar

Lately,  I’ve been dragged into the Bitty Bones AU, and I can’t help but thinking “why am I enjoying a fluff  with tiny characters in it?” I’ve been asking that to myself in a mildly intrigued tone mind you: I’m not one to reject initial feelings unless they go against my morals or something. As long as they are meaningful to you and they make you happy (and they don’t go over anyone else’s boundaries and freedom) I believe one should question, protect and cherish them.

Now, for the most part, (I’m no specialist on the subject after all) I think liking someone has no barriers. If you like someone, you simply do. I’ve been there, and it’s confusing in the beginning. Sometimes you grow up taught to think you’ll be one of those brides you see on tv, and life just decides that “Nah. Here’s someone you never considered before, now become friends and fall in love you two.”

… I mean, let’s be frank: there are few things in this world that lie more often to us than propagandas. *Sweatdrop* And if life was that much of a binary doing the same things would have the same results. But that’s not how the rodeo works. And you know what, 95% of the time, that’s exactly what makes it worth living!

My fanart as a gift for the fic. Untertale belongs to Toby Fox

So, last week I began reading His Name Was Bob by  at AO3. It is the first Bitty Bones AU fanfic I’ve decided to take a peek at. The main character (technically “you” as “The reader”) works at a pet shop and circumstances make her decide to take care of a an Edgy Bitty she christens Bob. Yes, Bob. It’s an acronym before you ask. *chuckles* Eventually, despite all the initial troubles, they start to develop feelings for each other.

Now, I’ve played enough video games to have been slapped my my own prejudice a few times. I remember playing Mass Effect a long time ago and realizing Garrus (I knew nothing about him at the time) had a romance route. I was “What? No way. I mean… He doesn’t even closely resembles a human, so I don’t  find him even remotely attractive…”

… Man. Was I slapped on my conscience. Hard. I’m such a Garrus fan now I can’t help but laughing at how silly I was back then. And yes, I find him so darn handsome now. Rawr.*Laughs*

So yeah, after going through the gender barrier, the species one… Height sure sounds just so silly. I mean okay, Bob sure is *really* small but… It depends on what you’re looking for in a relationship. In my case, I think sex and such is a nice bonus but you know what? I’ve proved to myself again and again I can fall in love and be happy without that. And no, I’m not asexual. *chuckle* I’m currently in a relationship with someone who is though, and it works very well for both of us. It’s so good to have someone I can be completely myself with, to cuddle with, to laugh, to cry with and to be completely silly for no reason. In my case, that means much more than lewd things.

But maybe that’s not so for you. Thinking someone would be a nice partner for you or not is a matter of personal taste really. Maybe someday you’ll find someone with different tastes, and that’s perfectly fine! Maybe I am that person. No one has to like the same things you see. But everyone needs to be respecful towards everyone, that’s rule number one. I am me, you are you. And that’s fine, and I would love being friends. ‘w’

So if you want a cute story with some angst about love despite all odds, and a spoonful existential philosophy, please check  His Name Was Bob and give your kudos to the author. Thank you very much for reading, and have a super nice day!


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