Here we are!

Well, so I thought for awhile about it, and I finally decided that it would be better to organize all my work and fluff (okay, maybe not ALL FLUFF) in a blog after all. *small voice* And it seems I broke some rules trying to sell things where I wasn’t supposed to, whooops? *huge sweatdrop* Sorry AO3, my intentions and passions were good but I acted in a silly and not responsible way. Kids, don’t  do that.

It’s alright though! I understand. And people were quite polite to me too, so I just quickly tried to fix everything and moved here as fast as I could. I hope it’s okay now. *embarassed face* And uh, it looks so pretty here so it ended up being for the best! Yeah, let’s think positive! I’ve a blog now! Wooo! *excited*

So now that I’ve hopefully everything ready I’ll start posting things. You guys can expect lots of recommendations for nice fics and games… And tons of fanart. And uh, hey, maybe something about my own works too! I’m a game designer after all. I’ll let you know if there are any cool demos, free games or concept arts I can share.

Welcome to all of you! Please take a seat.


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